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A Lonely Place For Dying available for rental and purchase on iTunes now

A Lonely Place For Dying is finally available for rental or purchase on iTunes in HD and Dolby 5.1.  Grab a bucket of popcorn, dim the lights, fire up your AppleTV and check out my score and sound design and mix job for our ambitious microbudget independent film.  Made by a small team of 30 people on a shoestring budget, it's got heart, and was a labor of love.  Also it gave me gray hairs from the stress of touching every piece of audio in the film plus scoring it.  But also, labor of love.

Side note: the movie has apparently inexplicably aroused the ire of someone in Russia, as it's been banned.  Touchy.

Look for a release of the full soundtrack in the weeks to come!

UPDATE: W00t! A Lonely Place For Dying is now in the Top Forty Action & Adventure films on iTunes!
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